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Champion Exterminators offers customized, comprehensive solutions for all your pest control, termite and rodent control needs. 
  Pest Control   Termite Control   Rodent Control  
Champion Exterminators offers custom solutions for specific pest problems including; 

     * Ant Control
     * Centipedes
     * Cockroach Control
     * Millipedes
     * Scorpions
     * Silverfish
     * Spiders
     * Wasp
 We offer;

     * Monthly and Quarterly services.
     * Appointments from 6am until 4pm.
     * Several different payment options.
     * Dependable, on time technicians.

Don’t share your home with these pests! With our outdoor and indoor pest control services, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family and home are protected.  Call us today for an appointment.
  Each year, termites invade millions of homes, causing billions of dollars in damage.

Champion Exterminators can help you protect your home and property with;

      * Advanced termite bating systems.
      * Termidor liquid treatments.
      * Traditional Termite Bonds.
      * Clearance letters for closings.

     * Licensed and trained professionals.
     * Industry-leading termite protection.
     * Customized prevention solutions.
     * Guaranteed termite extermination.
     * Pinpoint infestation inspections.
     * GA Wood infestation reports.
     * Environmentally friendly products.

It’s not a matter of if your home will encounter termites but when, making termite control a necessity. Call us today to schedule a free termite inspection.

It is essential to protect your home from rodents like squirrels, mice, rats and other unwelcome guests before these pest cause you undo stress.

Signs that you are already in danger;

     * Unusual scratching noises.
     * Droppings found along baseboards.
     * Visual damage like gnaw holes.
     * Signs of nesting.
     * Unusual pet behavior.

Treatment Plan;

    * A visual inspection for damage.
    * Locating animal entry points.
    * Setting of live cage traps.
    * Professional and humane removal.
    * Re-location.
    * Exclusion repairs prevent re-entry.

If you suspect rodents have taken up residence in your home Champion Exterminators can help alleviate current problems and provide exclusion repairs that prevent re-entry.

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